Shayn began DJ’ing while at the Musicians Institute of Technology in Hollywood, CA.
He had been in Los Angeles for less than a Month when a friend from France invited him to a donation-based, renegade Full Moon party that took place every Month in the vast, beautiful, and most often desolate, Deserts of Southern California.

While I worked at Club Lingerie, I redesigned & installed a new, club-worthy EAW Sound System and eventually began opening up for DJ’s as an impromptu addendum to my job, taking any opportunity I could get to DJ for a crowd (or even just a few early clubbers), and eventually I began getting unofficial opening slots for some of the promoters who either didn’t have any one else to DJ, or, more than likely, they didn’t want to pay anyone for those first opening hours of few to no paying clubbers; naturally, I took those gigs.

This job at Club Lingerie allowed me multiple opportunities: from doing Sound for Sasha & Digweed’s first ever US appearance, to opening for Marques Wyatt, Doc Martin, Garth, Derrick May, & befriending some of the worlds most famous DJ’s and fellow Producers, this gig opened doors & secured many connections that are still part of my life.

A few Years later, Club Lingerie sold to a company for redevelopment & closed.
After a quick stint at Guitar Center, and about a Year at West LA Music, I was hired by German based Music Software company Native Instruments. For the next 3 1/2 Years, I would be their West Coast Product Specialist, teaching professional music producers how to use their software & how to incorporate it into the Recording Studio’s & general work flow. Eventually, I was promoted at Native Instruments to West Coast Sales Manager.

Product Specialist.

Sonic Shaman.

Deep ~ Family.


DJ. Yogi. Shayn.

Previous to coming to California, I was an English major, focused on Journalism, also taking Theater, & Music classes. The first Hour of every Drama Class was a type of embodied movement, as a way to get out of your head and into your body, so you could ‘Be Present’ & Act. This seemed like such a strange concept at the time, yet, it was what set me on a life-long practice & study of what is known as Yoga.

Since 2002 Shayn has given Workshops, Private Classes, Demos, & Product Reviews for companies such as Native Instruments, I.K. Multimedia, Stanton, & Universal Pictures.

As amazingly beautiful and exciting it can be, the potential for mental, physical, end emotional burnout in the Music industry is real.

In 2006 I left the Music Industry to pursue my Yoga studies & began teaching Yoga @YogaWorks in Santa Monica, CA.

While continuing to keep my finger on the pulse of Dance Culture, I slowly began to move deeper into a focus on Yoga, Holistic Health, & Wellness, so - for some time - I had to remove myself from the Nightlife scene in order to teach early Morning & Private Classes.

Although I continued doing Product Specialist work for a while, over the next decade I continued to refine my personal practice, while also teaching Vinyasa Flow classes which incorporate Music, and facilitating workshops on Healing with Sound and Ecstatic Dance events at Conscious Gatherings & Transformational Festivals around the Globe.

A Decade later, my passions have come full circle and I have once again found myself being called to the Dance Floor.
I’ve been missing the energy, the positivity, the smiles, the laughter, & the Love that is found within Dance Culture (Club Culture, Rave Culture, PLUR Culture), I missed it… With all intentions to move in alignment with my true nature, I owe it to myself, the world, and the Dance Floor to play amazing Music for ALL of YOU Beautiful People! :)

DJ. Artist. Producer.




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