I got my first pair of turntables while attending the Musicians Institute in 1996. During my first week of orientation in 1995, I became friends with a French/British musician who, within my first Month of being in LA few weeks, took me to an underground, renegade style, Full Moon Desert Party: a.k.a. Moontribe. This is how I became a DJ.

Based off of similar events hosted by San Francisco’s WICKED CREW; their free, donation-based, friends-and-family, invite-only, word-of-mouth, 60’s psychedelic, ultra authentic, high vibe & full-on Love-inspired Beach Parties & Full Moon gatherings, the Wicked Crew were making positive change simply by providing DJ’s, a high-quality Sound System & a safe space for people to gather, commune, connect, & Dance like nobody was watching. ~ Pure. Unadulterated. Freedom.
These events in the Bay Area inspired some Los Angeles DJ’s who had attended the Wicked Parties to do similar parties in the vast, beautiful Deserts of Southern California.
There were no cell phones. Directions were hand-written. You could only get directions - to a map point - if you knew someone. Select ‘family’ or ‘tribe’ members, those who knew someone who trusted them enough to actually give out directions to an exclusive party. These family/tribe folks would go to their various ‘map points’ all over Los Angeles, (mine was “Rocking Ralphs” on Sunset Blvd., then later “The Corn Palace” - another story) then we’d round up all of our friends, & their friends (and often their friends, friends). We’d lead caravans (literally caravans) of cars out to some remote location in the Mojave, or California City, maybe in Lone Pine, or Lancaster, or near the Sequoia National Forrest, or maybe Death Valley, Victorville, or Indio, or Blythe, maybe we’ll go out to the Angeles Crest Forrest, or to Red Rock Canyon, maybe near Barstow, or Boron, or Bakersfield; wherever in the boonies these events may have been located from one Full Moon to the next, you could pretty much count on always passing through more than one dusty, tumble-weed dry, desolate, often poor, and sometimes painfully depressing rural towns. With over a Decade (or 120+) Full Moon gatherings, New Moon (Integral) gatherings, a multitude of clubs, underground parties, raves, festivals, and transcendental events where I’ve DJ’d & danced till I could barely stand, I’ve had over two decades experience& I have a fairly solid background to discuss & write about everything from the worlds best Clubs, DJ’s, Events, Music Technology, the Music Industry, EDM/IDM, as well as the history & potential future of Electronic Music as a whole, and the young, thriving, & often misunderstood world of Dance Culture.

Early Years

Having finished the Guitar program, I re-enrolled to the Recording & Sound Engineering program, again at The Musicians Institute of Technology in Hollywood, California.
While still in school, I was hired to be the in-house Sound Engineer at the historic Club Lingerie. Here I eventually redesigned & installed a new sound system in what would become the first nightclub in California to host the British DJ’s Sasha & Digweed.
*Fun-fact: I did Sound for Sasha & Digweed’s first appearance in Los Angeles, located at Club Lingerie on Sunset Blvd., in Hollywood, California.

While working at Club Lingerie, I was lucky enough to do sound for every act & event that came through the venue; from up-and-coming Artists, to formerly famous Artists, from Rock Bands, and Hip-Hop clubs, to House Music, Industry Parties, private parties, corporate events, Music Videos, events for MTV, celebrity parties, many industry related events & endless after-hours parties (Club Lingerie had a ‘Grandfather Clause’ allowing it to stay open until 4am - a rare thing in Los Angeles).
I became obsessed with the Dance Floor & would normally dance 4-5 Nights per week.
Eventually, I realized there were only a few of DJ’s who I could count on to play amazing Music all Night to which I could absolutely lose myself Dancing to, so, eventually, almost out of necessity, I began DJ’ing.

My DJ career started slowly, subtly, & definitely unannounced. I was blessed to have the keys to Club Lingerie as part of my job was to shut down the sound system and make sure everything was in order after everyone had left. Once all the employees had actually left, I’d go up to the DJ Booth to practice mixing all night long & into the early Morning. Either on Friday or Saturday Night, there was a weekly club called “High Society”. This is where I would first come to meet & be inspired by the West Coast pioneer of House music ~ DJ Marques Wyatt. Unannounced, as if I were doing a ‘sound check’, I would begin playing records before anyone else arrived. Eventually, either because it was good enough not to bother anyone, or (more than likely), simply because the promoter didn’t want to pay an opening DJ - I eventually began to unofficially open up for the evenings DJ’s.

Spundae, Los Angeles. Global Grooves. Native Instruments. Stanton DJ.

A few Years later, Club Lingerie was sold & closed.
By this time, I had gained some ground as a DJ in Los Angeles, eventually having a few residencies at clubs around town, and I became a staple customer at many record stores in Los Angeles: Beats Non-Stop, Wax Records, & Higher Source were all favorites. Soon, I began working at Global Grooves record store on Main Street in Santa Monica, California.
As the Buyer for Global Grooves, I would focus primarily on House & Tech-House, but, I had a healthy infatuation with a lot of UK Jungle, Drum & Bass, & new-School Breaks (precursor to what we now know as Dubstep & Bass Music).

With the opening of San Francisco’s notorious Club Spundae in Los Angeles, I got a residency at LA’s first Super-Club.
Playing beside some of the worlds greatest and many of my favorite DJ’s & producers, iI’ve been lucky enough to DJ with: Derrick Carter, Ritchie Hawtin, Tipper, Adam Freeland, DJ Sneak, Marques Wyatt, Doc Martin, Garth, DJ Heather, Collette, M.A.N.D.Y., Meat Katie, Booka Shade, Steve Bug, and Freq Nasty to name just a few... These were incredibly formative years & super exciting times, and learning from all of these phenomenal DJ’s helped me significantly on a number of levels both personally & professionally. WHile DJ’ing and continuing to work on production skills, I eventually began to organize small, conscious, high-vibe, intention-based, transformative events.

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