Shayn first began DJ’ing while enrolled at the Musicians Institute of Technology in Hollywood, CA. He had been in Los Angeles for less than a Month when a French, guitar shredding classmate invited him to a free / donation-based, renegade desert party that took place every Full Moon in the vast, beautiful, and often desolate deserts of Southern California.

Full Moon, Mojave Desert, California: Welcome to “Moon Tribe.” 1995

The first time one experiences a ‘Professional Sound System’ and truly “Feels the Music” is often a reference point recalling a conscious paradigm shift in Mind/Body/Awareness. As a child, Music & Dancing had always been the center of my world.
From High School and College Bands, to the Guitar program then the Recording & Sound Engineering School, my evolution from Music to Music Production Technology was a natural progression of both interests and curiosity.

The first time I experienced a “Turbo Sound” System, my Life was forever altered.
When you experience the ability of Sound to physically shift the cells of your entire mental/emotional/physiological system, while simultaneously having your entire psyche recalibrated, you can’t help but to see and feel things differently. This experience not only encouraged me to put down my guitar and invest in turntables, but it also sent me on a lifelong journey into the cymatics of Sound and its effects on our mental, emotional, and physical states.
I finished the Guitar Program and re-enrolled into the Recording and Sound Engineering program and almost immediately began working as the in-house Audio Technician at the infamous Club Lingerie on Sunset Blvd. This is where I would first begin DJ’ing in 1996.

While I worked at Club Lingerie, I redesigned & installed a new, club-worthy EAW Sound System and began opening up for DJ’s as an addendum to my job, taking any opportunity I could get to DJ for a crowd (or even just a few early clubbers), and eventually I began getting unofficial opening slots for some of the promoters who either didn’t have any one else to DJ, or, more than likely, they didn’t want to pay anyone for those first opening hours of few to no paying clubbers; I took those gigs.

From doing Sound for Sasha & Digweed’s first ever US appearance, to opening for Marques Wyatt, Doc Martin, Derrick May, or meeting and befriending some of the worlds most famous DJ’s and fellow Producers, the Sound Engineering gig at Club Lingerie opened doors & secured many connections into my future Music career.

A few Years, Club Lingerie sold to a company for redevelopment & closed.
After a quick stint at Guitar Center, and about a Year at West LA Music, I was hired by German based Music Software company Native Instruments. For the next 3 Years I would be their West Coast Product Specialist, teaching professional music producers how to use their software & how to incorporate it into their Recording Studio’s & general work flow. Eventually, I was promoted to Native Instruments West Coast Sales Manager.

Product Specialist.

Sonic Shaman.

Deep ~ Family.

After a Year of ‘Sales’, I was quickly burnt of “Slangin’ the Dream”, and suddenly found myself no longer enjoying the production of Music. There was seemingly, suddenly, a complete & total loss of creativity that had once been so common in my waking life.

DJ. Yogi. Shayn.

Since 1998 Shayn has given Workshops, Private Classes, Demos, & Product Reviews for companies such as Native Instruments, I.K. Multimedia, Stanton, & Universal Pictures.

DJ. Musician. Sound Engineer.

Product Specialist.






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