Zen & The Art of DJ’ing

Part of the job of an Artist is to create & produce work that might inspire people to see & feel things that they may not have otherwise have ever experienced.
Ideally this Art reveals an infinite world of potentially life altering possibilities.
Similarly, I believe part of a DJ’s job is to weave and create Sounds, Samples, and Music that moves people to Feel: to open their minds, embody their hearts, to be fully present in the NOW, to move their bodies, & to reconnect with their Highest, most Optimized Self; ecstatic to a point where we can truly Dance like nobody's watching & honestly Love like we'll never get hurt.
Having come from the Dance Floor of LA’s early 90’s underground, a Sound Engineer evolving into a DJ, consciously aiming to provide a soundtrack that positively moved people into a space of open awareness, empathy, compassion; simply through Music & Dancing.
Having found a place where I could completely open up and lose myself, the Dance Floor became a sacred space where I could reconnect with my Highest & most authentic Self; writhing to melodious syncopations of ancient Beats and futuristic Bass, an uninhibited primal Freedom almost overwhelms you as harmonious feeling of pure unadulterated Bliss wash through you like a warm sound wave reverberating through to your Soul.
Obviously, this was how we were meant to worship.
With such potential for personal transformation and global unity, this type of Dance Music was something I had to share.
This is why I decided to be a DJ.