Zen & The Art of DJ’ing

Artists have an ability to create work which inspires people to see & feel things that they may not have otherwise experienced.
At its best, Art can reveal an infinite world of potentially life altering possibilities.
Similarly, I believe part of the DJs job is to weave a kaleidoscope of well sought-out sounds, samples, and eclectic Music which (when done right) can inspire people to open themselves on multiple levels (mind/body/soul), allowing the listener to ‘get lost’ while simultaneously being present, often for the first time fully connecting with themselves, feeling their hearts; reconnecting with each-other & our Highest, most Optimized Selves.
Unlike other art forms, Music has the ability to make us rise up & lose our-self in rhythm, beats, bass, and the multitude of emotions that can come crashing through like waves pounding on the shores of our soul; awakening us to Dance like nobody's watching, and to truly experience the beautiful freedom of Living & Loving like we'll never get hurt.
Having come from the Dance Floor of LA’s early 90’s underground: from Doc Martin, Marques Wyatt, and Full Moon Desert Parties, to renegade warehouse raves around Los Angeles; my main mission as a DJ is to make sure people are Dancing & having a blast!
Finishing Music & Sound Engineering School, I’ve always aimed to evolve as a DJ, as any real Artist or Musician would: consciously providing Music that encourages people to move into positive spaces of heightened awareness, compassion, empathy, self-love, and a mutual respect for all life, especially fellow Human Beings, simply through the healing, connecting, and regenerative power of Music & Dancing.
Having found this place on the Dance Floor where I could completely open up & lose myself, freed from space/time ego/inhibitions, I’ve always hoped to share this experience with people. I’ve found that the Dance Floor can provide a safe, “Sacred Space” where people can connect with each other and -more importantly- where people can reconnect with their Highest & most Authentic Selves.
One person could simply be nodding their head, while another is writhing to the same exact soundtrack of ancient Beats and/or future Bass; a primal Freedom unleashed, uninhibited, overwhelming us from within, a harmonious feelings of warm unadulterated Bliss & rhythmic waves of cleansing Sound, seemingly pure as Light, reverberating gently, awash in frequencies coalescing with the beating of ones own heart.
Reminding you, us, gently, that we are ALL ONE.
Obviously - this was how we were meant to worship.
With such potential for personal growth, transformation, as a bridge toward global unity; Beats, Bass, & the Love of Dance Music are the gifts I’ve come to share: Music & Dancing.
Freedom, Liberty, Personal Growth, Self-Expression, & most of all, Unity. Union.
This is why I produce Music and Events; this is why I DJ.