Shayn Almeida

DJ. Yogi. Sonic Shaman.

Yoga Bio 2016

Shayn Almeida is known for teaching Strong, Athletic, & Musically enhanced Vinyasa Flow Classes.
YogaWorks Certified (E-RYT500+) Instructor, his “Vinyasa Power” style is aimed at strengthening the body, toning the mind, & increasing flexibility while simultaneously releasing toxins, relieving stress, & re-awakening our connection to Spirit.
Through the practice of Yoga, Shayn guides students to empower themselves, giving them tools to calm their minds, optimize their bodies, find their purpose, and connect to their highest - most Authentic Self.

Former Product Specialist & West Coast Sales Manager for Native Instruments, Shayn’s background in Music Production, Sound Engineering, Cymatics, and Sound Healing Therapies have shaped his knowledge of intelligently sequenced frequencies (Sounds, Songs, and Music) to shift moods, ground ones energy levels, calm the mind, recalibrate our energetic body, and to deepen & enhance our mental, physical, and spiritual practices. After 20+ years of immersive study and profound Sound-Shifting experiences, Shayn has dedicated his life to the practice & study of Sonic Shamanism to assist others in optimizing their lives towards a Healthy Happy existence for All.

A favorite of the West Coast Festival scene, Shayn Almeida DJ’s, Teaches Yoga, & presents Workshops at some of the worlds most enlightening events, including: Burning Man, Genius Loci, Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis Gathering, & the Yoga Journal Conference.

Shayn has been Seane Corn's main Yoga assistant since 2007 and teaches her signature Detox Flow class designed to cleanse & detoxify the organs, and to stimulate the natural purification process of the body.

Certified Plant-based Nutrition & Superfood Specialist, he believes in an integral, all inclusive, holistic approach to his Life, his Practice, and brings this philosophy to all of his teachings.

As a life-long Athlete, Surfer, DJ & Musician, Shayn Almeida brings a wide-range of eclectic Experience, Love, Humor, and a true belief that ‘Everything is Connected’ to all of his classes, joyfully taking students through a musical journey of transformation - one breath at a time.

DjShaynJuneMix2012 by Shayn Almeida

Some of my House and TechHouse favorites for the Month of June 2012... For track Listing or DJ Bookings, email ( Shayn @ mac . com :)

Part of the job of an Artist is to create and produce work that might inspire people to see and feel things that they otherwise may not have ever experienced, ideally, revealing an infinite world of potentially life altering possibilities; likewise, I believe it's the DJ's job to create Music that moves people to open their hearts, minds, bodies, and their souls to Dance like nobody's watching & Love like they'll never get hurt.
As a DJ, I aim to provide a soundtrack that moves people to open up completely & lose themselves in the Beats, the Bass, the trippy soundscapes and unmistakable Sounds of pure, uninhibited Freedom & unadulterated Dance Floor Bliss.

Spring into Summer - May 2016 Tech-House Mix by Shayn Almeida

Some of my favorite tracks that have been taking me from Spring into Summer: Deep, Funky, Soulful House & Tech-House. If you enjoy this mix, pass it on to your friends :) 🙏🏼💚🙌🏼

January House Mix 2016 by Shayn Almeida

Former Product Specialist @ Native Instruments, Stanton Magnetics, & IK Multimedia, and as resident DJ at Spundae LA, Shayn was pioneering digital DJ'ing before it was even a thing. Being one of the f

Kaya Sundays ~ Songs of Love, Revelation, and Revolution by Shayn Almeida

I do a weekly Dub, Reggae, and Dubstep event called "Kaya Sundays" at a nice little pub @ 2 Rose Avenue called 'The Venice Ale House' on the world famous Venice Boardwalk. This is a sample of some of the Reggae tracks that you'd hear if you came out to have a bite or a brew while enjoying the view.